Could pubic hair removal be a cause of STDs? This week LetsGetChecked discusses the connection between pubic hair removal and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Pubic Hair Removal:The Study

“Extreme groomers" are 4 times more likely to contract STDs and “high-frequency” groomers are 3.5 times more at risk of contracting an STD says a study carried out by Texas Dell Medical School.

The research reports that frequent groomers of the pubic region are 3-4 times more likely to contract an STD. Dr. Charles Osterberg and his colleagues surveyed 7580 US residents, aged 18 to 65, about their grooming practices, sexual behaviour and history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Pubic hair removal has gained popularity over time due to a change in the public perception of body hair. Today, less pubic hair is thought of as clean and attractive.

Pubic Hair Removal:The Findings

Pubic Hair Removal:Does It Cause STDs?

Researchers speculate that infections could be more easily transferred due to tiny cuts and skin tears in the pubic area due to grooming.

Overall, groomers tend to be younger, more sexually active, and have had more sexual partners. The demographic that are at the highest risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease are aged between 15 and 24 years of age. Extreme groomers had the highest average number of sexual partners. Therefore, grooming may be a proxy for higher levels of sexual activity and not a direct cause of STDs.

Researchers found an 80 percent increased risk of sexually transmitted infections in anyone who reported having ever groomed at all. This is after adjusting for the person’s age and their lifetime number of sexual partners.

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Written by Hannah Kingston | Approved by Medical Director Dominic Rowley