The LetsGetChecked
COVID-19 solution

LetsGetChecked was founded in 2015 with the purpose of helping people by providing diagnostics and medical care into the home.

Our technology and clinical expertise has allowed us to quickly bring a COVID-19 test to the market. We can support both large and small volume requests.

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Woman opening a LetsGetChecked Coronavirus test kit

An accurate COVID-19 home test

Our Sure-Track nasal swab test provides a convenient and efficient solution for accurate COVID-19 detection.

PCR based lab analysis

The most precise testing available. Full sample analysis from our ISO 1385 accredited facilities can confirm the presence of COVID-19 from a lower nasal swab.

Coronavirus test kit contents

Secure & supported results

The LGC solution integrates sample collection, testing, result-delivery and patient support.

Real time results tracking

Tests will be tracked in real-time providing the information and insight needed to make timely decisions around containment and care.

Coronavirus test results

Tried and tested logistics & lab infrastructure

Our logistics infrastructure is optimised to get screening kits to patients quickly and safely.

Our labs can process 500,000 PCR tests per week and are building towards a capacity of millions.

For organizations

For employers, housing facilities, payers, providers, and government

  • Sample collection via self-collection or through healthcare professionals
  • Delivery of shipments in 24 hours
  • Online results in 24 hours once received by lab
  • Organization-wide reporting
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For individuals

For individuals testing by themselves in their own homes

  • Sample collection via self-collection
  • Free express shipping on kits
  • Online results in 24 hours once received by lab
  • 24 / 7 nursing and customer support
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