Know your hormones

1 in 8 couples has trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.
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Progesterone Test

The Progesterone-Ovulation test offers you an insight into your ability to ovulate by measuring the level of Progesterone in your blood.

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Ovarian Reserve Test

The Ovarian Reserve Test offers you an insight into how many eggs you have left in your ovaries by testing the range of Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) in the blood.

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Female Hormone Test

The Female Hormone test offers a comprehensive picture of your fertility status by looking at a number of key hormones including Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Prolactin and Oestradiol.

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When should you take each test?

Your hormone levels change throughout your menstrual cycle, this calculator will help you to determine when you should take your test.

Fertility Facts

Find out more about the fertility factors.


Chronic stress can trigger the overproduction of cortisol in men and women causing hormonal imbalances and thus a decreased likelihood of healthy conception.


Maintaining a healthy weight for your height, or body mass index (BMI) can increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and delivery. For most adults, a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. You can calculate your BMI online using a BMI calculator.


The "fertile window" in women refers to the six days before ovulation. The lifespan of spermatozoa is five days and the lifespan of an ovum is 24 hours. Having sex every second day in the six days leading up to the release of the ovum increases the likelihood of healthy conception.

Sexual Health

It's of great importance that you take regular sexual health tests before attempting to become pregnant. Many people believe that STDs don't affect pregnancy, and many are asymptomatic however chlamydia, for example, can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which can lead to infertility.


A varied diet with an adequate supply of calcium, protein, and iron is essential in fuelling the body correctly. Calcium, folic acid, healthy fats, vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron are particularly important for a healthy pregnancy.


From the age of 32, a woman's chances of becoming pregnant begin to decrease, by the age of 35, this decline becomes more rapid. As a fetus, women will carry between 5 and 7 million eggs, by the time a woman is going through menopause, they will have 1,000 eggs. By the time a woman is 40 years old, there is only a 5% chance of becoming pregnant.


Certain lifestyle factors such as heavy smoking, drinking and use of recreational drugs, particularly marijuana, are known to impact a one's fertility potential.

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Your test will be delivered to you in discreet packaging, with next day delivery. Order on-the-go without having to visit a physician's office.

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Collect Your Sample

Activate your test and collect your sample in the morning. Return your sample on the same day, using the prepaid shipping label provided.

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Review Accurate Results

Once your sample arrives in the laboratory, confidential results will be available from your secure online account within 2 to 5 days.

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