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The Female Hormone test is taken at Day 3 of your cycle and provides a broad picture of a woman’s fertility status by looking at a number of key hormones: Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Lutenising Hormone (LH), Prolactin and Oestradiol.

  • What does it test for?

    • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    • Lutenising Hormone (LH)
    • Prolactin
    • Oestradiol

    FSH : Elevated levels could indicate low ovarian reserve. LH: Elevated levels could indicate ovarian failure or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Prolactin: Elevated levels could indicate that ovulation may be suppressed. Oestradiol: Elevated levels can indicate a problem with ovarian reserve. Oestradiol can also suppress FSH and can make it look normal. Therefore a full picture of ovarian function with the Day 3 Female Fertility is helpful in determining overall fertility status.

  • Who should get tested?

    Any woman who is trying to conceive, planning for the future, curious about her fertility status or worried about whether she is at risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

    If you are trying to conceive, you should consider taking an STI test to ensure that you are free from infection. STIs can be contracted years earlier and affect your fertility status. The only way to be certain, is by taking an STI test.

  • When to test?

    The Female Hormone test must be taken on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle. Day 3 is the third day of your period (blood flow, not spotting before 5pm is Day 1).

Providing a sample

Watch our instructional video to see how easy it is to collect your sample

Why knowing your fertility status is important?

  • Decreases with age

    Fertility is decreased by half among women in their 30’s compared with women in their early 20’s.

  • One in six couples

    1 in 6 couples of reproductive age experience difficulties conceiving a child.

  • Lifestyle choices

    Lifestyle choices such as diet, BMI, smoking, alcohol and caffeine can adversely affect your fertility status.

How it works

Simple, accurate, supported.

  • Collect

    Collect a sample at home and return in the packaging provided.

  • Analyse

    Your sample is tested in one of our accredited laboratories.

  • Results

    Negative results are securely delivered online within 2 to 5 days.

  • Support

    If your result is positive, a registered nurse will call to provide support and treatment options.

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