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This test will measure the amount of testosterone, present in your blood. Testosterone is a hormone, secreted by a man's testes and is responsible for maintaining muscle mass and strength, adequate levels of red blood cells, bone density, a sense of well-being, fertility and sexual function.

This test will give you a clear indication of your testosterone levels and help identify a means of restoring it to normal levels to avoid long term consequences such as erectile dysfunction or infertility.

  • What does it test for?

    Testosterone, sex binding globulin hormone (SBGH) and free androgen index.

    Causes of testosterone deficiency include:

    • Stress
    • Obesity
    • Injury or infection of the testicles
    • Chemotherapy or radiation treatment from cancer
    • Genetic abnormalities including Klinefelter's syndrome
    • Hemochromatosis (overproduction of iron)
    • Dysfunction of the pituitary gland
    • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Who should get tested?

    Any man who is low on energy, experiencing a low sex drive, suffering from erectile dysfunction or worried about testosterone levels should seriously consider this test.

  • Test kit contents

    • Test box (88x120mm)
    • Anonymised patient ID
    • Blood sample collection tube
    • Finger prick lancets
    • User guide
    • Bio hazard bag
    • Pre-paid return envelope

Why it is important to test your testosterone levels?

  • Lifestyle choices

    Testosterone levels decline from the age of 30, but can be accelerated by obesity, stress and poor lifestyle choices.

  • Early detection

    If detected early, treatment is relatively inexpensive and very effective in reducing any risks of complications that may arise in the future, such as infertility.

  • Your health

    Low testosterone levels can lead to a number of serious outcomes including fatigue, depression, infertility and decreased libido including erectile dysfunction.

How it works

Simple, accurate, supported.

  • Collect

    Collect a sample at home and return in the packaging provided.

  • Analyse

    Your sample is tested in one of our accredited laboratories.

  • Results

    Negative results are securely delivered online within 2 to 5 days.

  • Support

    If your result is positive, a registered nurse will call to provide support and treatment options.

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