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At home Kidney test for monitoring kidney function and performance with online results in 5 days.

Your kidneys are responsible for filtering your blood and removing waste products through your urine. They also manage water retention and control ion concentrations and the acid balance in your blood. Your kidneys do this through millions of structures called nephrons and maintaining them is very important for your overall health.

This test will indicate how your kidneys are performing by measuring levels of urea, creatinine and eGFR Glomerular filtration rate. High levels of urea, creatinine and a low eGFR Glomerular filtration rate can indicate acute or chronic kidney disease.

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  • What does it test for?

    Urea is a waste product formed from the breakdown of proteins and is passed out in your urine. A high level of urea ('uraemia') indicates that the kidneys may not be working properly or that you have a low body water content (are dehydrated).

    Creatinine is a waste product made by your muscles and dietary protein. Creatinine passes into the bloodstream and is usually passed out in urine. A high blood level of creatinine indicates that the kidneys may not be working properly.

    eGFR: Glomerular filtration rate is a calculation which determines how well your kidneys are filtering blood.

  • Who should get tested?

    Anybody can take this test and particularly those who have:

    • If you have a high protein diet
    • If you use or have taken gym supplements
    • If you have used or are using performance enhancing drugs
    • If you are taking anti-inflammatory medication
    • If you suffer from high blood pressure
    • If you suffer from from diabetes
    • If you have suffered an acute injury
    • If you have persistent urinary tract infections
    • If you have a kidney disease or a family history of one
    • If you have kidney stones or a family history of them

    NOTE: People who go to the gym and take protein or supplements may a have higher readings than others and it is important to monitor your levels carefully.

  • Kit Contents

    • Test box (88x120mm)
    • Anonymised patient ID
    • Blood sample collection tube
    • Finger prick lancets
    • User guide
    • Bio hazard bag
    • Pre-paid return envelope

Kidney Check


In Stock Free dispatch today

How to provide a sample

Watch our instructional video to see how easy it is to collect your sample.

Why getting your kidneys or renal function checked is important

  • 1 in 10 people

    One in ten people are affected by kidney damage in their lifetime. Millions of people die each year from avoidable complications related to chronic kidney disease.

  • Lifestyle choices

    Lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol, poor diet, taking gym supplements or performance enhancing drugs can accelerate your chances of developing kidney damage or chronic kidney disease.

  • Early detection is vital

    Kidney damage or chronic disease can be symptomless and early detection is critical to avoiding long term consequences which can include dialysis, kidney transplant or the onset of cardiovascular disease.

  • Most of our tests only require a simple prick of the finger.

    Our labs use the latest technology to analyse smaller samples of blood. Our tests are easy to use, so there’s no needles and no fuss.

  • Results on the users phone

    Accurate laboratory results delivered within 5 days.

    Once you return your sample in the supplied packaging, you will receive results to your password protected account within as little as five days, with direct contact for positive results.

  • Support from our team of medical professionals.

    Orders and test results are reviewed by certified medical professionals, with support from genetic counsellors, specialist doctors and registered nurses.

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Kidney Check


In Stock Free dispatch today

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