A survey conducted by LetsGetChecked also revealed that although 50% of Irish adults will make health and wellbeing-related New Year’s resolutions, just 16% visited their doctor to check on their general health and wellbeing in 2019.

Some 36% of people said the inconvenience of taking time out of their day to visit the doctor prevented them from having a check-up, while a further 36% said it was difficult to get an appointment.

Dr. Susan O’Sullivan, Clinical Manager for LetsGetChecked, said of the results: "There is a significant difference between how we aspire to manage our health vs. how we actually manage our health. Self-reflection is common surrounding the new year, and the majority of us would like to improve different aspects of our health and wellbeing. It is important to build this into our lifestyle and carry it from January to December."

She went on: "The findings from our survey highlight that the current way of thinking is; "I should only get a health check if I have symptoms of an illness or if I feel extremely unwell". 57% of Irish adults did not visit their doctor for a check-up in 2019. We need to move towards a more proactive approach which includes a routine, regular check-up, at least once a year."

In addition to just 16% going to the doctor to check on general wellbeing the survey also found that of the 1,013 people asked:

  • 34% of people went to the doctor for a specific health issue.
  • 4% claim they went in relation to a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).


Some 51% of adults claim that if they had the ability to assess their health from home more accurately, it would make them more likely to stick to their health resolutions.

Fewer than a quarter of people (24%) claim that they plan on visiting a doctor or GP for a check-up in relation to wellbeing issues in 2020.

When asked on the reasons for not getting a regular check up 50% of people said they viewed cost as a barrier for going to the doctor for a check-up, while 36% of people claim that the inconvenience of taking time out of their day is a barrier for them visiting the doctor for a check-up.

Two in five people said that the difficulty getting an appointment with their doctor prevented them from having a check-up.

Those aged 55 or over are more likely to claim that they plan on visiting a doctor or GP for health issues in 2020, while those aged 18 to 34 are more likely to claim they plan on visiting a doctor or GP for wellbeing related issues in 2020.

50% of adults say they plan on making a New Year's resolution related to health and wellness in 2020. However, 60 percent of 18-24 year olds plan on making a health and wellbeing related New Year’s resolution.

Responding to the insights into how many people visited their doctor in 2019, Dr. Robert Mordkin, LetsGetChecked’s Chief Medical Officer, said: "It worries me that only 16% of respondents are planning on visiting their doctor for an annual physical in 2020. Cost, lack of access and inconvenience are some of the clear leading deterrents to people not regularly visiting their doctors.”

At LetsGetChecked, we want to create better access by providing customers with the tools they need to test their health from home. We're not a replacement for visiting the doctor, but we hope that our at-home health tests will ensure that people don't put off their healthcare until they are experiencing symptoms or they are feeling very unwell. Good healthcare is proactive rather than reactive," Mordkin said.

Written by LetsGetChecked