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Men's at-home healthcare

Looking for fast health insights without the hassle of appointments? With our range of health tests created for men, you can get fast access to accurate lab results on your schedule.

Men's health testing from LetsGetCheckedMen's health testing from LetsGetChecked

Choose from our testing range to get started

Actionable results in 2-5 days.

Male Hormone TestHormone levles

$139only $111
Performance insights

If you are curious about your overall hormonal health or fertility

Male Hormone AdvancedHormone levels

$179only $116
Performance insights

Learn about your hormonal health to help identify imbalances and boost performance

Male Hormone CompleteHormone levels

$199only $100
Performance insights

Our most comprehensive hormone test to expose imbalances and stress hormone levels

Testosterone TestHormone panel

$89only $80

Measure the amount of testosterone present in your blood

Other tests you may be interested in

Celiac Test

only $119

Screening for celiac disease antibodies in a finger-prick blood sample

High Sensitivity CRP Test

$89only $53
heart health

Screening for your risk of developing heart disease by detecting inflammation

Cholesterol TestFor cardiac risk

$89only $71
Treatment available

Get insight into your cholesterol levels to help monitor your heart health

Diabetes & Heart TestHbA1c & Cholesterol

$99only $69

Convenient testing to check your cholesterol levels and help screen for or monitor diabetes

Colon Cancer Screening

$89 only $71

Get peace of mind from this convenient screening option to detect hidden blood in the stool

Cortisol Test

$99only $79
Stress hormone levels

Explain easy-to-miss symptoms by measuring your levels of the primary stress hormone

Complete 8Detect & treat

$249only $125
Treatment options

Our most comprehensive STI test for peace of mind with follow-up consultation and treatment options available


$119only $89

This test discreetly screens for herpes simplex I & II virus antibodies

Kidney Test

$99only $79

Monitor kidney function and performance for key insights

Lyme Disease Test

$119only $95

Take action by screening for antibodies that are a sign of Lyme disease 

Simple 2Detect & treat

$99only $84
Treatment options

Easy STI test with home sample collection for often symptomless infections

Standard 5 STDTreatment options

$149only $112

Easy and discreet STD test to screen for the same infections commonly tested for by physicians

Digital Recommender tool from LetsGetCheckedDigital Recommender tool from LetsGetChecked

Unsure? Let us help

Get instant test recommendations from our Digital Recommender tool based on your health, lifestyle, and goals.

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Our team will assess your health and provide clear next steps for testing, prescriptions, and treatment.

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STD Testing & Treatment from LetsGetCheckedSTD Testing & Treatment from LetsGetChecked

STD testing & treatment

Looking for peace of mind without the trip to the clinic? We offer discreet tests with follow-up treatment options available.

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