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Popular tests

Standard 5 STDTreatment options

only $149

Easy and discreet STD test to screen for the same infections commonly tested for by physicians

Male Hormone CompleteHormone levels

only $199
Performance insights

Our most comprehensive hormone test to expose imbalances and stress hormone levels

Thyroid TestHormone levels

only $99

Measure your hormone levels for thyroid insights to help detect potential disorders

Colon Cancer Screening Test (FIT)

only $89

Get peace of mind from this convenient screening option to detect hidden blood in the stool

Herpes Test

only $119

This test discreetly screens for herpes simplex I & II virus antibodies

MicronutrientKey nutrient levels

only $179
Diet insights

Get specific insights into your diet and identify deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals

Healthcare that puts your firstHealthcare that puts your first

Health testing

Get easy-to-understand and actionable health insights in 2 to 5 days from the comfort of home.

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Medication that comes to youMedication that comes to you

Medication delivery

Delivered to your door, saving you time and money, with virtual check-ins with the clinical and pharmacy teams included.

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Virtual consultaionsVirtual consultaions

Virtual consultations

Connecting individuals to providers through our secure messaging platform. Prescriptions and clinical reports are delivered online for convenience.

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Care that syncs with your schedule

No appointments icon

No appointments or clinics

Medical support icon

Medical support at your fingertips

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Direct delivery of kits and medication

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Same certified labs used by hospitals

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Physician reviewed results in 2-5 days

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100% encrypted

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Dr. Robert Mordkin

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Kristin O'Connor

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Jennifer Reichert

Clinical Pharmacist

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Rick Aguayo

Nurse Practitioner

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Amal Hamdan

Lead Nurse