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Your health at your fingertips: The LetsGetChecked App

Understanding your health isn’t always easy. That’s what the LetsGetChecked app is for. At home or on the go, be empowered to discover your health potential at a tap.


Access your test results

Transform your health visits at the clinic or with your physician by showing your test results in an instant.


Treatment to your door

The medication you need, delivered discreetly to your door. Our clinical experts can guide you to help you find the right erectile dysfunction medication or birth control in just a few easy steps.


Personalized assessments

Learn about your estimated risk of a cardiac event in the future with a personalized Heart Disease Risk Score.


Free support if you need it

Get expert clinical support at no extra cost. A member of our nursing team may call you to explain your results and offer guidance on your next steps so you’ll never feel alone.


Easy health tracking over time

Get the most valuable health insights when you track your health over time with quick and easy repeat testing. You can also seamlessly integrate your wearable device to store all of your health data in one convenient place.


Deals you can't pass up

Access offers, deals, and discounts exclusive to the LetsGetChecked app.


Order & activate in a simple tap

Browse 30+ at-home health tests, receive notifications throughout your test’s journey, and quickly activate your test on your phone.


All of this and so much more awaits you...

Test and track your health — from anywhere, at any time. Download the LetsGetChecked app below today.


Still have questions?

Here are some questions we usually get about the LetsGetChecked app. If you would like yours answered, please get in touch.