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Women’s at-home healthcare

Getting the answers you need should be simple. Now it is. With our range of at-home health tests created for women, you can get access to accurate lab results on your schedule.

Women's healthcare from LetsGetCheckedWomen's healthcare from LetsGetChecked

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Female Hormone Test

Hormone panel

only $139
Fertility insights

Hormone levels and fertility insights for future planning


Hormone panel

only $139

The most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age

Ovarian Reserve Test

Hormone panel

only $139
Fertility insights

Insights into your remaining egg pool from AMH levels

Progesterone Test

Hormone panel

only $99

Hormone insights to confirm if you've released an egg that month

Vaginitis Test

Detect & treat

only $199
Follow-up medication options

Diagnose and treat BV, CV or TV from the privacy of home. Treatment options available through a virtual consultation.

Thyroid Test

Hormone levels

only $99

Measure your key thyroid hormones to check in on your health and help identify any issues

Thyroid Antibody Test

Hormone levels

only $119

Get a full picture of your thyroid health by measuring vital hormones and antibodies to help detect common conditions

Digital Recommender Tool from LetsGetCheckedDigital Recommender Tool from LetsGetChecked

Unsure? Let us help

Get instant test recommendations from our Digital Recommender tool based on your health, lifestyle, and goals.

More healthcare for women

Care for your needs, from wherever you call home.

Birth control pill from LetsGetCheckedBirth control pill from LetsGetChecked

Birth control pill

We carry a range of affordable generic birth control pill options with a free medical assessment included.

View options
STD Testing and treatment from LetsGetCheckedSTD Testing and treatment from LetsGetChecked

STD testing & treatment

Looking for peace of mind without the trip to the clinic? We offer discreet tests with follow-up treatment options available.

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We've created tailored end-to-end care solutions for over 300 employers, health plans, providers, and more.

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