Biometric screening programs have grown in popularity in recent years as a means to reduce health risks, improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and boost workforce productivity and morale. While biometric screenings can positively impact workforce health and bottom lines, programs are often difficult to get employees to engage in, especially in the post-pandemic landscape where many employees work remotely.

If the goal of implementing biometric screenings is to identify opportunities to improve workforce health and address healthcare costs, it is crucial to make testing more accessible and convenient for all employees. LetsGetChecked can elevate your biometric screening program with at-home testing to help increase employee engagement and foster a culture of wellness in the post-pandemic workforce landscape.

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COVID-19’s impact on workforce health

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace as we know it, accelerating existing trends in remote work. Before the pandemic, 17% of employees in the United States worked from home five days or more per week. This share increased to 44% during the pandemic [1]. Without the need to go into the office, many remote workers have reported adverse effects on their lifestyles such as diet, physical activity, weight, sleep, and time spent sitting and in front of screens.

A 2021 study of workers who shifted to working from home found that 39% reported eating larger quantities of food, 33% reduction in daily physical activity, 41% weight gain, and 21% reported insomnia [2]. As employers and employees navigate the new normal of remote and hybrid work, it remains important to foster a culture of wellness outside the traditional workplace and empower employees to take a proactive role in managing their health. The addition of an at-home biometrics screening program allows employers to meet their employees where they are with vital health insights that can improve their health.

Keeping your workforce healthy and engaged

Workforce health and wellness are at the center of a strong, engaged, and productive workplace. Elevating your company’s wellness program with at-home biometric screenings can help employees better understand their health so they can monitor and manage their well-being and productivity. Biometrics screenings are more than a one-off employer initiative to try and improve workforce wellness. One-off workplace wellness initiatives do not produce measurable outcomes - biometric screenings give employees the opportunity to measure their health progress over time. Looking at aggregate results can provide employers with a focused look at specific health problem areas, providing insights into what is working and what is not for workforce health and wellness.

In the post-pandemic landscape, where it can be easy for employees to feel left out or left behind, providing more accessible testing that meets workforce needs shows commitment to employee health and wellness, helping them feel more connected and valued. At-home biometric screenings foster a culture of wellness within organizations, helping employees feel valued and appreciated by showing professional and personal support.

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Meet employees where they are with at-home biometric screenings

With 86% of employees not participating in wellness initiatives because they don’t have enough time, it is crucial to offer an at-home option to complete biometric screenings [3]. Many employers face dismal onsite screening event participation rates as many employees find it difficult to travel to in-person appointments or make time in their busy schedules. A home biometric screening option is a simple and convenient way to extend testing to all employees, including those who work remotely. This screening solution puts your workforce in control of their health, freeing them from time and location restrictions to increase engagement rates.

LetsGetChecked’s at-home Biometric Screenings remove barriers to engagement by meeting your employees where they are, saving valuable time while providing a seamless testing experience. Our at-home solutions are inclusive, accurate, confidential, and easily customizable to meet your workforce’s unique post-pandemic health and wellness needs. Partner with LetsGetChecked and let us help your employees access quality preventive care and support them in achieving improved health outcomes. Contact our team to learn more about our virtual healthcare solutions, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to get curated insights from our team of experts, event invitations, and industry news you can use.

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