COVID-19 is a small but contagious virus - in fact, the virus itself is roughly one-900th width of a human hair [1]. As the first infections of the latest coronavirus only occurred in December 2019, there’s still so much research to be done - including figuring out how close is too close when it comes to being affectionate with your better half.

One question that seems to be on people’s minds at the moment is: Can you get coronavirus from sex?

Can Coronavirus be spread through sex?

COVID-19 isn’t a sexually transmitted infection and there’s currently no evidence that the virus can be present in semen or vaginal secretions.

Coronavirus is believed to mainly be spread from person to person contact. This means contact between two people within around 6 feet (2 metres) of each other, and through respiratory droplets that come from an infected person who coughs or sneezes [2].

With this in mind, though we’re not completely sure whether sex is one of the ways the novel coronavirus spreads, it’s still as important as ever to practice safe sex, follow all health guidelines and keep updated via reliable sources to ensure both you and your partner remain happy and healthy.

If you or your partner contract COVID-19, it’s crucial to follow some steps to help stop the spread of the virus, these include [3]:

  • Call your healthcare provider immediately
  • Stay at home
  • Stay in touch with your doctor
  • Seperate yourself from others in your home


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