Healthcare spending is on the rise globally, with the United States having one of the highest costs of healthcare in the world. In fact, in 2020, studies show that spending reached over $4.1 trillion, that’s approximately $12,500 per person. With these numbers in mind, and the reality that market prices for care and prescription drugs are steadily increasing, is there a way to meet patients' needs while providing reliable, accessible, and affordable health care solutions? A vertically integrated healthcare solution may be the answer.

What is vertical integration in healthcare?

When we speak about vertical integration, we’re referring to a strategy that allows a company to entirely streamline its operations and take ownership of different stages of production. In essence, this means relying less on external suppliers and putting more control into their own hands. An example of this could be when a hospital acquires a physician practice or when a health plan acquires a prescription service or testing solution.

In healthcare, the idea of vertically integrated systems is entirely on the rise with one study suggesting that this strategy increased by just under 40% in 2016 alone. Currently, the overall focus of US policymakers is to improve health outcomes and support patient-centric care, and a vertically integrated healthcare solution wholly supports this aim.

How does a vertically integrated solution benefit the patient?

Taking control over the supply chain and manufacturing progress can lead to lower costs and a lower reliance on external suppliers or partners - this can result in higher-value care and at times, better outcomes for patients. With it all being entirely owned by one supplier, there is total control and visibility into the quality of services and operations offered.

And although research on the benefits of vertical integration on patients is only just beginning, most suggest that it is associated with better quality care for those with specific conditions.

How a vertically integrated supply chain benefits LetsGetChecked patients and partners

At LetsGetChecked, our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health. This mission is realized through our entirely vertically integrated solution for consumers, health plans, employers, and other partners who would have previously needed to engage in multiple touchpoints for a diagnostic and treatment plan.

We provide support throughout the entire healthcare journey, with the flexibility to accommodate each client's health. We own and operate the entire supply chain. Our depth and breadth of experience enable us to deliver quality, timely, and innovative products. Some ways in which this can be seen include:

  • Full ownership of our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs enables us to deliver quality, timely, and innovative products.
  • Complete control over the test manufacturing and dispatch of the over 100+ health tests we offer enables us to provide quality and timely support.
  • Our in-house pharmacy and clinical team gives us the opportunity to provide the expert care and health insights patients need and deserve

Innovative solutions

By taking direct ownership of our healthcare solutions, LetsGetChecked has not only created an end-to-end experience that ensures quality and accessible care for all but continues to take steps in medical innovation to better the patient journey. From engineering new technology for blood collection to a fast reaction to a global need, our team continuously creates solutions that solve both our clients' and our customers' needs.

  • After listening to reviews and feedback from customers, LetsGetChecked launched the Phelbotic Assistant (PA) - a device that was built entirely in-house that makes blood sample collection simple for our customers. Our reviews say it all!

“The instructions were clear and the device helped the blood to flow. We filled the tube in a few big drops!”

Debb, US

  • We were able to quickly bring a COVID test to the market when the pandemic first began - a test that was put to the test by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ranked highest for both lower nasal swab tests and take-home tests.

  • The LetsGetChecked Mobile Lab brings testing directly to wherever you are! This reduces health disparities by enabling access to quality healthcare in remote or underserved areas without healthcare facilities.

Dedicated medical team

Our dedicated in-house clinical team provides guidance and support to customers every step of the way, from sample collection to aftercare. They take the necessary time to understand a holistic view of each patient's health.

  • Our prescription medication is a hassle-free offering that requires customers to complete an online health assessment which is evaluated by our in-house medical experts. If suitable, a prescription will be provided along with free and discreet delivery of medication. Prescriptions include birth control, erectile dysfunction, and a range of sexual health medications.

  • The Care Pathway™ is a customer care journey that aims to revolutionize specialty care by providing medication, regular testing, consultations, and personalized lifestyle support from our dedicated medical team remotely. These include cholesterol and thyroid care.

At LetsGetChecked, our vertically integrated supply chain and wholly-owned solution allow us to meet our patients and partners where they are. Join other leading organizations in offering health care at home and contact our team today.

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