In the age of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the need for efficient health testing is becoming increasingly evident [1]. Waiting hours in a doctor’s office or clinic and even longer to get test results can be distressing for many people, especially if they are looking to get peace of mind as quickly as possible.

In addition, as it is thought that Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets produced when those infected cough, sneeze, speak, or exhale, waiting a long time in a doctor’s office can be a cause for concern, particularly for vulnerable people [2].

With all of this in mind, it begs the question, “what if there was an efficient way to avoid this lengthy testing process?”.

Introducing: LetsGetChecked.

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Buy an At-Home Health Test

Check in on your health from home with our range of health and wellness tests.

The Story of LetsGetChecked

At LetsGetChecked, the solution to this demand for efficient health testing is simple: personal, at-home test kits. This service allows you to take ownership of your health as you can order your kit online and collect your sample from home. Our CLIA-certified labs will analyze your sample once received and results will become available to you within 2-5 days. You can then schedule a free over-the-phone consultation with a member of our dedicated medical support team who can offer guidance if you have any questions or concerns about your results.

LetsGetChecked was founded by CEO Peter Foley whose motivation for starting a health testing and insights company was to empower people to live longer and happier lives. This motivation has resulted in LetsGetChecked’s comprehensive range of home health tests which transform how people engage with their health. It has always been the aim of LetsGetChecked to help people every day to better manage their health so they can identify potential issues sooner and ultimately help avoid serious medical conditions or complications down the line.

Behind The Brand

Since its inception, LetsGetChecked has reached a number of significant milestones. We have performed almost 800,000 tests, detected over 26,000 infections, and identified over 37,000 abnormal results.

Usage numbers

Backed by the biggest names in health venture capital and led by Illumina Ventures and HLM Venture Partners, LetsGetChecked secured a $71 million Series C funding round this year. In addition to this achievement, our best-in-class labs have been awarded the highest levels of CLIA approval and CAP accreditation. To ensure quick analysis of each patient’s sample, we use an automated process, anonymized patient IDs, and revolutionary technology.

As of October 23rd 2020

LetsGetChecked has a vast array of home health testing kits with over 30 to choose from, including a gentle and non-invasive Coronavirus Test (COVID-19) for our customers, which includes bulk testing for organizations, universities, and businesses. This bulk testing service can ensure that your organization’s employees or members stay safe by conveniently testing for COVID-19 from home. Unlike other COVID-19 tests which can be uncomfortable and invasive, ours requires a simple lower nasal swab that can be self-collected from the safety of home.

How it works

  1. Our medical experts will work with you and your organization to customize a testing program to suit your specific needs. This will include the number of tests required as well as further information on testing and delivery.

  2. Your tests will arrive within 24 hours so you can promptly distribute them amongst your organization.

  3. Our non-invasive lower nasal swab will be self-collected by your employees or members with step-by-step guides and tutorials available to help along the way.

  4. When completed, the test will be sent to our privately owned facilities with the provided prepaid shipping label. Our labs will use our FDA authorized RT-PCR/TMA sample analysis to confirm the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus).

  5. Online results will become available within 1-3 days.


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Buy an At-Home Health Test

Check in on your health from home with our range of health and wellness tests.


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