Offering convenient and accessible healthcare is crucial to maintaining a healthy, productive, and engaged workforce. According to a recent Forbes Advisor study, 67% of employees believe employer-sponsored healthcare to be the most important benefit [1]. Adding employee health screenings to corporate wellness initiatives is a simple and effective way for employees to prioritize workforce health and wellness.

These health and wellness screenings can help prevent diseases or illnesses and identify potential risk factors earlier by measuring key aspects of health and providing valuable insights into population health. They can also enable employers to implement more targeted health and wellness initiatives and track progress and improvement over time.

Here are some health screenings employers can offer to help employees understand and take control of their health.

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1. Biometric screening

What is biometric screening?

Biometric screening is a clinical evaluation of an individual’s important health scores. It involves a set of laboratory tests and measurements to offer a clear picture of overall health and understand the risk for various health issues.

What is measured in biometric screening?

Employers can choose to include different testing panels and measurements depending on organizational and employee needs. LetsGetChecked offers a wide range of tests and has the flexibility to create tailored solutions with flexible sample collection methods.

To optimize workforce engagement, we also offer multimodal screening options, including home collection, physician forms, and onsite events.

LetsGetChecked can test for:

  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • HDL
  • LDL
  • HDL% of total cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

And measure:

  • Height & weight
  • Calculated BMI
  • Waist & hip circumference
  • Blood pressure

Why is biometric screening important?

Many Americans are unaware of their health numbers and whether they are at risk for certain common yet preventable conditions. About 38% of adults have prediabetes [2], and 1 in 3 adults don’t know they have high blood pressure [3].

Biometric screenings can offer employees insight into their health risks and provide employers with a baseline assessment of their workforce’s overall health so they can monitor emerging health conditions that may lead to more serious health concerns. By identifying employees with health risks before they become high-cost claimants, employers help them improve outcomes and lower costs.

Adding an onsite flu shot program

Although the flu shot is effective, many people forgo it due to the inconvenience of taking time off work and traveling to appointments. Offering an onsite program as a standalone service or in addition to a biometrics screening program can help eliminate common barriers to getting the flu shot.

Leveraging this solution can help more employees get vaccinated, reducing the number of flu infections so businesses can maintain productivity and lower healthcare costs.

2. Cancer screening

What is corporate cancer screening?

Regular cancer screening can increase the chance of detecting certain cancers early before they can spread. Corporate cancer screenings can help employees understand their risk for certain threatening cancers and enable identification earlier when it is easier to treat.

It is important to consider that a one-time screening will likely not have a lasting effect on cancer screening rates in your workplace. However, a comprehensive, ongoing program can significantly impact a broader wellness program.

Why is screening for cancer important?

In the early stages, cases of cancer may be asymptomatic. Screening for colon or prostate cancer and high-risk HPV strains can help your employees proactively identify high-cost conditions and provide peace of mind from the safety of home.
These screening tests can empower employees to remain cancer-free and help improve quality of life, reduce work absences, and improve productivity while controlling costs.

3. Women's and men’s health testing

What is women’s health testing?

Health testing for women can provide the insights needed to maintain health and wellness throughout every stage of life. From female hormone testing to PCOS Testing and birth control, LetsGetChecked makes it easy for employers to support the health of women in the workforce.

What is men’s health testing?

Health testing for men can help address preventable health problems and enable early detection and treatment of diseases. From male hormone testing to colon cancer screening and prescription services, LetsGetChecked has the solutions and care to help men take control of their health.

Why is health testing for women and men important?

Our range of tests can empower your people with a comprehensive overview of their health to help identify health risks and imbalances and boost performance. These inclusive and empowering health benefits for men and women can help attract and retain top talent and help employees live healthier, happier lives and feel more empowered to reach their full potential at work.

4. Genetic testing solutions

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing identifies changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins. Results from a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or aid in determining a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Genetic testing can also identify genetic variations that influence reactions to certain medications. This information can aid in optimizing drug efficacy and reducing the risk of adverse side effects, saving time and money while improving healthcare experiences.

Why is genetic testing important?

Whether the results are positive or negative for a genetic mutation, genetic testing has significant potential benefits. The results can empower employees with crucial health insights and inform clinical decision-making.

Our genomic sequencing solutions use the power of genomics to move from reactive to predictive care. Incorporating genetic testing can help organizations offer competitive benefits to empower their workforce with health insights they can use for years to come.

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