Welcome to our Let’s Chat, a series of interviews that gives an inside look into industry leaders' inspiring stories and the routines that keep them grounded. This week, we spoke with Adriana Carrig, founder, and CEO of Little Words Project, a jewelry company all about inspiring kindness and self-love.

What inspired you to create Little Words Project?

I wanted to create Little Words Project because I had grown up dealing with so much negativity from others. I really wanted there to be something that existed that centers around positivity and kindness.

Did you face any challenges when launching your brand?

As a young female entrepreneur, I faced many challenges, mainly because I wasn’t taken as seriously as I would’ve liked to have been.

What does taking control of your health mean to you?

It means taking time to prioritize myself. I went so many years in the beginning of this business not putting myself first that it really affected my health and wellbeing, so now it's a non-negotiable.

What are your three favorite health & wellness products?

My three favorite products that I absolutely cannot live without include my Hydro Flask water bottle, my Agent Nateur holy trinity facial routine, and my electrolyte drops that I put inside of my water.

What is an example of how you have taken your health into your own hands?

After experiencing a complete phase of burnout after the first few years of this business build, I started to really prioritize getting enough sleep and also a skincare routine that is a non-negotiable. Every single night I am taking care of my face, it is a routine that just lights me up and makes me feel like I’m really prioritizing myself.

What tips/tricks do you practice regularly to stay in control of your health?

I like to practice deep breathing when I’m feeling anxious, go on long walks with my son, and I make sure that I completely nourish my body throughout the day by eating well and drinking enough water.

I really just feel that people are loving the convenience of being able to take care of themselves at home and that is definitely here to stay.

What does balance mean to you?

Being a business owner and a new mom has definitely been challenging when it comes to finding balance which is why I take time throughout the day to find moments for myself, I unplug at the end of the work day as much as I can and really prioritize my skincare routine and anything that just makes me feel really good at the end of the night that's how I strive for balance.

Where does your passion for health come from?

The first five years of building this business without prioritizing my health, I believe really had a lot to do with why I struggled so much with fertility when I did go to conceive my son. My husband and I had to do IVF to conceive our first child and I really do believe that if I had taken more time to myself and spent more time focusing on my health and wellness, maybe I wouldn't have been in that position. So now I’m so passionate about making sure my body is as great as it can be and my mind is as great as it can be and I prioritize all of those health and wellness tactics to make sure that is the case.