Biometric screenings offer crucial health insights to track and improve employee health and wellness. However, getting employees to engage in screening can be challenging.

Here’s how LetsGetChecked's expanded biometric screening solution can elevate your screening strategy by meeting employees where they are. Let’s explore the different modalities that enable employees to choose how they engage in screening.

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At-home collection

Offering an at-home option for employees to complete biometric screenings is important as many employees find it difficult to travel to in-person appointments or make time in their busy schedules. About 86% of employees cite not participating in wellness initiatives due to a lack of time [1]. A home biometric screening option is a simple and convenient way to make testing more accessible for employees, including those who work remotely.

This screening modality allows your workforce to take control of their health, freeing them from time and location restrictions to increase engagement rates. LetsGetChecked’s at-home collection modality saves valuable time while providing a seamless testing experience. This easy-to-use test can be collected from anywhere, with clinical support and fast results to ensure a frictionless experience.

Onsite events

Another convenient biometric screening modality is onsite events. Enabling employees to participate in testing at a designated site. Employers may elect to offer onsite biometric screening events at one, or multiple, locations. Employees can sign-up for their screening slot through their portal.

We make it easy to leverage onsite events, requiring minimal client lift. Our team of experts will work with you to deploy event reminders, staff the event, and provide employees with results onsite. All results will surface in the portal 2-5 days after the onsite event.

Flu shots

Up to 111 million workdays are lost because of the flu, incurring an estimated $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity [2]. Annual flu shots can help employees reduce their risk of contracting the flu and other costly complications. Keep your workforce healthy with LetsGetChecked’s onsite flu shot program, which can be offered as a standalone service or in combination with our biometrics screening solution.

Employees can use our convenient scheduling portal to choose a time slot. Our experienced staff will help run workplace events and provide clients with event reporting and feedback forms.

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Physician forms

Physician Results Forms can be easily added to an existing biometric screening program to help accommodate employees who do not live close to a work site. These forms are employee health screening forms that individuals can take to a primary care physician (PCP) to complete an annual biometric screening.

Employees can download a Physician Form from their portal and bring it to their primary care physician to complete on their behalf. After completing the screening with their physician, the employee can upload the form to their portal so that the results can be surfaced. Forms include the laboratory metrics required as part of the employer's selected screening panel.

Provide accessible biometric screening with LetsGetChecked

Offering different biometric screening modalities gives employees the opportunity to learn and understand their health numbers, and not lose sight of the importance of preventive care and healthy habits.

LetsGetChecked’s biometric screening modalities provide more accessible testing that meets workforce needs. We make it easy for your people to identify health risks, ultimately helping employees understand their current health status and get the care they need.

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