Women now comprise nearly half of the U.S. labor force at 46.8 percent [1]. To attract and retain top female talent, employers must take proactive steps to support women’s health needs. Understanding women’s health needs and implementing policies to support them at work will help improve their quality of life so they can live healthier, happier lives and feel more empowered to reach their full potential at work. Here’s how LetsGetChecked’s inclusive and empowering benefits support women’s health and wellness throughout every stage of life.

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Female Fertility Testing

Seventy-five percent of women in the workforce today are of reproductive age [2]. Whether looking to have kids soon, thinking about it for the future, or struggling to become pregnant, understanding hormone levels is crucial. Offering well-rounded health benefits is a proactive way for employers to meet the needs of their female employees. At-home fertility tests are an accessible first step that people can take in the privacy of their own homes.

Various types of home fertility tests are available to allow individuals to track their hormone levels and fertility on their own, which is useful for those trying to conceive. LetsGetChecked offers a Progesterone Test, Female Hormone Test, and Ovarian Reserve Test to help employees understand their fertility status and receive actionable health information to understand their options and plan for the future.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age, affecting about one in ten women [3]. It is also one of the most common but treatable causes of infertility. Despite its prevalence and reproductive, metabolic, and psychological implications, PCOS is a hugely undiagnosed condition, in part because of the diverse manifestation of symptoms. One study showed that up to 70% of women hadn't yet been diagnosed with PCOS [4].

PCOS can be an emotionally and physically debilitating condition, causing feelings of tiredness and exhaustion that cause a lack of focus at work. Affected women may also struggle with irregular periods, pelvic pain, excessive hair growth, weight gain, and acne. The condition can also cause mental health problems like depression and social anxiety. As many cases of PCOS go undiagnosed, many women in the workplace are suffering from symptoms in silence. LetsGetChecked’s at-home PCOS Test can help empower employees with insights into key hormone levels to make informed healthcare decisions and receive the care they need.

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Birth Control and Virtual Consultations

Finding the right birth control can be complicated. LetsGetChecked’s online options put your workforce in control of their prescription without compromising on care quality. Our accessible and convenient pharmacy services enable your employees to manage their healthcare without taking time off of work, arranging transportation, and waiting for an in-person appointment. We carry a range of affordable generic birth control pill options with free medical assessment and direct delivery included. The pill can be used for more than just birth control. It can also help with managing acne, painful periods, heavy bleeding, PCOS, endometriosis, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) so your people can perform their best.

LetsGetChecked’s Virtual Consultation offering enables our healthcare providers to interact directly with your people on a range of health topics, including women’s health. Our team of experts can assess health queries and provide expert guidance on recommended testing, medication options, and treatment plans.

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Women's health in the workplace can be overlooked. Fortunately, LetsGetChecked’s at-home healthcare solutions make it easy for employers to address the complicated needs of the modern workforce. Our comprehensive solutions provide actionable health insights and accessible care to help female staff maintain their health and wellness and employers sustain productivity and retention.

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