Although health is a priority for many heading into the new year, preventive care is an aspect of improving and maintaining health that often gets neglected. Preventive care, such as screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, and more, can save lives, yet engagement in such services has been on the decline since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic [1].

With millions of Americans not receiving these crucial services, innovative options to make quality preventive care more accessible for all are essential. Here’s how LetsGetChecked's at-home screening tests are a great starting point to help members of your population get proactive about preventive care in 2023 and achieve better health in the coming year.

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The importance of preventive care

The start of the year is a great time to encourage your population to participate in recommended preventive healthcare. Preventive care is non-emergency care, including health screenings, diagnostic testing, immunizations, and more. Accessible preventive care services are key to supporting the overall health of your population and reducing healthcare spending.

Preventive health screenings are a fundamental healthcare strategy for your population to protect their health, maintain or improve their quality of life, and prevent disability and even premature death. The appropriate screenings can detect problems early when chances for successful treatment are greatest.

The decline of preventive care during the pandemic

Access to preventive healthcare was severely impacted by COVID-19, with routine cancer screening dropping by 80 percent in March and April 2020 [2]. Although many people began catching up on screenings in later 2020, overall rates of screenings have remained low. Forgoing or postponing these vital preventive services can result in advanced diagnoses that are more challenging to treat.

With so much of an individual’s health determined outside of the traditional healthcare setting, at-home screening options offer a way to help members of your population engage in their health proactively rather than reactively. Research has found that the 16% drop in colorectal cancer screenings from 2018 to 2020 was offset by a 7% increase in at-home fecal immunochemical test (FIT) use [3]. Providing your population with convenient and accessible health screenings can enable earlier disease identification, giving individuals a chance at better health outcomes.

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How LetsGetChecked can help your population engage in preventive care in 2023

Prevention is key to minimizing long-term costs, but the traditional healthcare system makes it difficult to provide accessible and equitable care to all Americans. LetsGetChecked’s range of at-home screening solutions meets your people where they are, empowering them with actionable health information that enables better healthcare decisions. Our comprehensive offering includes at-home tests for:

Partner with us to help your population get proactive about preventive health in the new year and engage in care that resonates with them.

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