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Woman looking at phone, consultant, test boxWoman looking at phone, consultant, test box

Precision medicine from home with myPGx

Help your population identify how their genetic makeup may affect their response to drugs with our pharmacogenomics solution - myPGx. Help avoid potential adverse drug events, heighten the patient experience, and improve outcomes.

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Opportunity to improve patient experience and outcomes


Annual cost of non-optimized prescription drug therapy¹


Of patients don't find relief until the 4th medication²


Deaths caused by adverse drug reactions per year³

95% of the population have one actionable variant 95% of the population have one actionable variant

99% of the population has at least 1 actionable pharmacogenetic variant⁴

The myPGx experience

Direct delivery

Direct delivery of sample collection kits

Medical support

Medical support at your fingertips

Same labs used by hospitals

High-complexity CLIA and CAP lab

Physician reviewed

Physician reviewed results in 7-10 days

Medical support

Patient and PCP support with results

100% Encrypted

100% encrypted


A comprehensive panel to meet patient needs

myPGx identifies potential drug-gene interactions for multiple disease categories, representing over 800 million prescriptions, annually.

  • Cardiovascular

  • Pain medication

  • Behavioral health


Flexibility to align with client goals

We strive to make the experience seamless for both our patients and our clients.

  • Engine to identify eligible patients

  • Aggregated data insights

  • Customized engagement strategy

  • Clinical decision support

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Our myPGx team

Dr. Robert Mordkin - Chief Medical OfficerDr. Robert Mordkin - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Robert Mordkin

Chief Medical Officer at LetsGetChecked

 Jennifer Patykiewicz - Pharmacist Jennifer Patykiewicz - Pharmacist

Dr. Jennifer Reichert

Clinical Pharmacist at LetsGetChecked

Anvi SantaniAnvi Santani

Dr. Avni Santani

Chief Medical Officer at Veritas, a LetsGetChecked company

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2. Sharon Liao WebMD - Medication Strategies for Treatment-Resistant Depression
3. FDA: Preventable Adverse Drug Reactions: A Focus on Drug Interactions
4. NIH - Projected Prevalence of Actionable Pharmacogenetic Variants and Level A Drugs Prescribed Among US Veterans Health Administration Pharmacy Users