Once diagnosed early and properly treated, the majority of sexually transmitted infections (STDs) can be managed and cured. However, without regular testing, it’s possible for some STDs to slip under the radar. Take chlamydia, for example, although it’s known to be one of the most common infections worldwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note that most people will experience little to no symptoms, and estimates suggest around 70% of women and 50% of men won’t notice any signs.

So while it may go without saying that regularly checking in on your sexual health is crucial, to get tested, there’s sometimes a number of factors that need to be considered such as taking time off work or school and preparing for the inevitable face-to-face chat about your sexual history. If these factors have made you delay your annual sexual health screening in the past, we have news: you can now get tested and treated all from the comfort of your own home. Not convinced? These are just some of the benefits.

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Buy an At- Home Sexual Health Test

Test and treat your sexual health from home with our range of at-home STD tests.

#1 No scheduled appointments

Whether you have a hectic schedule, the doctor’s office is located at the other end of your town or you would prefer to spend your free time relaxing with friends, family, or Netflix; then making time to visit your doctor for a check-up mightn’t be top of your priority list.

With at-home testing options, these barriers are easily lowered. The process couldn’t be any more straightforward and it can all be done from home - making checking in on your sexual health a simple addition to your schedule.

#2 Complete privacy

At-home testing means that you will have complete privacy. There will be no need to meet face-to-face with a doctor and discuss your sexual health history and no reason to wait in your local doctor’s waiting room and potentially bump into friends or family while you wait to be called - reports suggest that the average waiting time is around 19 minutes!

Our tests are sent in discreet packaging and while you might not meet with a medical professional in the flesh, when you test from home you will receive support every step of the way. From the moment your health record is reviewed all the way to your results; our clinical team will be available to guide you throughout the process.

#3 Fast, secure results

While taking the test itself only takes a couple of minutes, waiting on your test results from your doctor can take a few weeks, depending on a number of different factors.

If you choose to test from home, it will be shipped directly to your door using next-day delivery, and when you collect your sample, you can use your pre-paid shipping label to send the sample back to the laboratory for processing. Once it’s processed, you can expect your results in as little as 2-5 days. What’s more, these results will be available online from your personalized dashboard so you will have full access to your records.

#4 Treatment included in the price

Choosing to get tested is really just the start, in fact, there are a number of things to consider if you do test positive - reaching out to any sexual partner(s) and of course, getting the right treatment to ensure that the infection is completely cleared.

And while we can’t text or call your partner(s) on your behalf (yet!), we can deal with one of the most important parts by helping you get the treatment you need, all from home. So if you test positive and meet the criteria for treatment for bacterial vaginosis (caused by Gardnerella), chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma, or ureaplasma, medication can be delivered right to your door free of charge*.

You can now treat and test with LetsGetChecked - at no extra cost! Skip appointments and long queues at the drugstore and choose testing and treatment that works around your schedule and lifestyle. Check out our range of sexual health tests here.

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Buy an At- Home Sexual Health Test

Test and treat your sexual health from home with our range of at-home STD tests.

  • For states where we cannot provide treatment, we can send you a prescription for medication free-of-charge which you can bring to your local drugstore.

Prescription-only states include: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Idaho, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New Mexico.