Offering individuals the ability to manage their healthcare from the comfort of their homes has long been a goal for healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, consumers, and patient advocacy groups alike.

However, the health testing needs of pharmaceutical companies can be many (assays for safety, efficacy, disease awareness, monitoring, and more), meaning that identifying a validated channel and trusted partner to operationalize can be a challenge.

We spoke to our Head of Life Sciences, Joe Keenan, to explore at-home healthcare solutions and how pharmaceutical companies can choose a partner to deliver safe and reliable solutions that engage easily and improve patient experiences.

What has the COVID-19 pandemic revealed about healthcare delivery?

Post-pandemic, we have witnessed a sharp increase in the use of home testing solutions from traditional wellness tests (men’s and women’s health tests, thyroid) to increasingly significant clinical tests, such as hemoglobin A1C, cardiac health, and renal health tests. According to a survey of supply chain professionals, 97% noted an increase in demand for at-home healthcare solutions over the last two years [1]

Other post-pandemic learnings include:

  • Rapid development and broad availability of at-home healthcare solutions are possible and widely applicable
  • Seeing online systems for managing these tests and results in real time can provide regular updates on epidemiology and area risk profiles.
  • Learning that the vast majority of people are prepared to comply with testing strategies laid out by our regions and governments.

What are the benefits of at-home healthcare solutions?

Having spent many years professionally calling on doctors worldwide, I have witnessed the inefficiencies and frustrations of the traditional healthcare system and seen the role that validated at-home healthcare solutions can play in improving the patient experience.

As at-home healthcare solutions become more accessible, there is an opportunity for individuals to become more engaged in their health journey. At-home healthcare solutions can empower users to learn more about disease areas, conditions, and biomarkers, leading to informed discussions about treatment options with care providers, maintaining adherence to a particular therapy, and, where appropriate, managing their health at home.

Under the guidance of a licensed medical provider, these convenient healthcare options can help identify possible health conditions while streamlining workflows for all: the user, lab, clinicians, and payers.

How can pharmaceutical companies leverage at-home healthcare solutions?

While pharmaceutical engagement with at-home healthcare in the direct-to-consumer area has been insignificant in the past, this is very much changing. Companies with at-home healthcare solutions and an established patient engagement platform are more attractive than ever. Applications within pharmaceuticals include:

  1. Disease area awareness campaigns using a company’s existing user base of population identified by a pharma company to raise awareness and aid in prevention, early detection, targeted therapy, and ensure effective treatment. (ex: cardiac/endocrinology screening)
  2. Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), in which some or all of a clinical trial’s activities occur at locations other than a traditional clinical trial site. It can be easier to recruit people for DCTs and keep them enrolled if they don’t have the burden of travel.
  3. Remote therapeutic monitoring can connect healthcare providers with patients to track health conditions between medical visits and ensure the efficacy and safety of their treatment.
  4. Genetic testing via at-home collection has grown in popularity and adoption. The convenience of at-home collection makes genetic insights more accessible so people can take action and make informed healthcare decisions.

Pharmaceutical companies can collaborate with patient advocacy groups, health plan providers, and payers to maximize the impact of testing initiatives. Early engagement with the right partner in at-home healthcare is key to success.

What factors should pharmaceutical companies consider when choosing a home healthcare partner?

When looking for a suitable partner in at-home healthcare solutions, pharmaceutical companies should consider the following factors:

  • Company history
  • Digital engagement interface
  • Laboratory services
  • Clinical support
  • Patient engagement and follow-up services

As the pharmaceutical industry navigates the evolving healthcare landscape, the value of at-home healthcare solutions cannot be overstated. While venturing into at-home healthcare may be uncharted territory for many pharmaceutical companies, the rewards are substantial.

Transform pharmaceutical healthcare delivery with LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked has embraced the challenge of reimagining healthcare delivery and established highly validated processes to advance patient-centric care. Our end-to-end solution includes a wholly owned lab and supply chain to ensure quality, transparency, and control for your business from program conception to post-results.

As the pharmaceutical industry adapts, LetsGetChecked continues to innovate, demonstrating that venturing beyond the status quo can open doors to new possibilities, better patient outcomes, and a more integrated and responsive healthcare ecosystem.

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