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This week, we speak with Diego Filgueira-Gómez, our Payer Program Coordinator. After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and International Business. Diego says that he didn’t want to go down the conventional route, instead opting for something different that would provide him with value towards future career and educational goals.

Diego says: “I am grateful that my role here has not been cookie-cutter. The company, the team, and the responsibilities are always evolving which keeps everyone very engaged.”

What is your role title?

I am a Payer Program Support Coordinator.

How long have you worked at LetsGetChecked?

I have been at LetsGetChecked for 8 months now.

What is your academic background?

In 2017, I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and International Business. Since then, I have dedicated some time to certifications both online and at a local University here in New York, with the intention of pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) soon.

What industry did you want to work in during your studies?

During my studies, I enjoyed my course but dreaded the idea of working an entry level position at a marketing agency or financial institution following graduation.

I knew I wanted to do something different that would still provide me with value towards future career and educational goals. Out of curiosity and interest, I decided to get involved with non-profit organizations in my last semester of university. One thing led to another and soon after I began working in client-services in public health.

What encouraged you to apply for a role at LetsGetChecked?

My first role in Public Health in 2017 involved recruiting and conducting outreach for an infectious disease clinic via dating apps and social media.

During this time, I spent a lot of time on free versions of these sites which required me to watch and scroll past many ads. By chance, one of these ads was for LetsGetChecked!

I thought the product was so interesting and relevant that I had to click this ad. I was so excited to see an affordable, convenient, and discrete option for people to get tested from home which really broke down many barriers to care.

I started encouraging my friends to use the service. When I saw the company was hiring for Customer Solutions in early 2019, I jumped on it immediately as I felt that my recent experience aligned well with the role, and I would find it easy to guide customers through the process for a product I genuinely liked and was familiar with.

How did your career progress from Customer Solutions Executive to Payor Program Coordinator?

I started at LetsGetChecked in June of 2019 with a recent promotion to Payer Program Support Coordinator. I started as a Customer Solutions Executive last year, I still work closely with the Care Team and Customer Support.

I was part of the first group of hires in the Care team in the New York office, which means we took on a great deal of responsibility to effectively provide support to customers during serviceable hours on this side of the Atlantic for the first time.

Around this time, LetsGetChecked was developing the Payer Program and launching it’s very first relationship with a major health insurance company in the United States. Having quickly learned the ropes of many LetsGetChecked processes and customer experience, I decided to involve myself with the Payer Program so that I could help LetsGetChecked reach new goals in expansion and ensure a quality service for the Payer’s members with which we are dealing with directly with the knowledge I gained from offering our customer’s support.

How would you describe a Payor Program Coordinator as a role?

It is very rewarding work. Providing a great customer experience is always exciting, but for these members it’s a bit more personal, we offer the same level of empathy and care that you would regularly receive from LetsGetChecked customer support.

What is your day-to-day like at work?

I oversee a small team of 1-4 people that help us contact these patients and guide the team and/or the members themselves through any questions they may have about the service being offered.

As the Program Coordinator, I liaise the progress of the program with other departments in LetsGetChecked to ensure that we are supporting the Payer Program and the members as efficiently as possible.

What is your favorite thing about working at LetsGetChecked?

I am grateful that my role here has not been cookie-cutter. The company, the team, and the responsibilities are always evolving which keeps everyone very engaged. Instead of us looking at the clock hoping time would go by faster, I find that a lot of us wish it would go by slower.

We are very committed to our work, and I believe that stems from us being empowered to ask questions and make suggestions so that operations continue to run smoothly as the company grows. This environment has created a close-knit bond across the entire team.

I also really appreciate the diversity of LetsGetChecked in every sense. When I applied for the role, health care experience was not required but rather seen as an asset. I think this ideology is very important for a company like LetsGetChecked. The input from colleagues of different work and life experiences can help us better understand our customers in this non-traditional healthcare setting that we have created for our patients.

What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of applying for a role at LetsGetChecked?

Do not be discouraged if you do not have an academic background in healthcare. If you are enthusiastic about customer-oriented care and want to succeed at LetsGetChecked, please do so.

As the company is growing and new positions become available, the team is always excited to welcome new members. Our service is open-minded, so the team looks forward to meeting people who are eager to learn and support them so that together we can leverage overall improvement during this period of rapid growth.

What 3 personality traits does someone need to thrive on the LetsGetChecked team?

  • Inquisitiveness
  • Empathy
  • Enthusiasm

Written by Hannah Kingston