Studies reveal that nearly 50% of people who get cancer are diagnosed late. Late cancer screening increases the likelihood of the disease spreading throughout the body. The domino effect of this makes the cancer less treatable and therefore reduces the patient’s chances of survival. It increases the cost of effective treatment, according to the NHS.

The British report estimates that around 52,000 cases of bowel, lung and ovarian cancer will be diagnosed too late every single year, costing the NHS an extra £150 million to treat.

  • Why Are People Being Treated Too Late?
  • Solving this Problem with Home Cancer Screening Kits

Why Are People Being Treated Too Late?

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. People fearfully sticking their heads in the sand when they suspect they have cancer.
  2. Doctors turning away early cancer screening requests if the patient is ‘too young’ and the procedure is considered unnecessary.

The Daily Mail reports the tragic case of Becky Ryder, 26, who was deemed ‘too young’ by her doctor to be given a smear test and consequently died from cervical cancer. She was 24 when she first visited her clinic with worrying symptoms but was denied the simple procedure because she was under the minimum age of 25. After months of repeated visits to her GP, she eventually went to a different doctor, who diagnosed her with cancer.

Mrs Ryder began a gruelling course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and at one stage was even told she had beaten the disease. The bleeding she was experiencing did stop, but a few months later it came back and her legs also began to swell. After returning to the doctors, scans showed the cancer had returned.

‘That’s when they said “Sorry, it’s terminal”, Paul Ryder, her widower, recalls. ‘We still thought she could fight but even more chemotherapy couldn’t get rid of it.’

Unfortunately, this denial of cancer screening is a common occurrence in busy clinics that believe ‘unnecessary’ screening requests take up a lot of time and resources that could be put to better use – namely, more immediate and evident health problems.

Solving this Problem with Home Cancer Screening Kits

A solution to this problem would be to cut out the middle man (that being – visiting your local doctor) and instead send self-collected samples directly to an accredited medical laboratory for quick and accurate analysis.

LetsGetChecked offer home cancer screening kits which enable you to check yourself for early signs of bowel cancer, cervical cancer or prostate cancer. All you need to do is send your samples to their accredited laboratory using the pre-paid return envelope provided. Your results are then delivered to you through an encrypted mobile platform in a matter of days.

Getting a cancer screening early could be a life saving decision, especially if you know cancer runs in your family. In an interview with LetsGetChecked, Prof. Ian Judson at The Institute for Cancer Research confirmed that a lot of cancer is in part caused by inherited risk, which in some cases is very strong.

Maybe you’re worried that your mother or father has inherited the faulty gene that was responsible for the line of bowel cancer deaths in your family. So which do you think would be a more meaningful gift to give them – a pair of new fuzzy slippers at Christmas or a home cancer screening kit? You know they won’t go to a clinic to get tested themselves. It might just save their life.

Who We Are

LetsGetChecked empowers you in tracking and improving your health from the comfort of your own home. We are a patient-led, medical technology platform that is giving men and women the power to self-test for a range of health conditions.

From your heart to your hormones and your vitamins to your vitality, LetsGetChecked offers convenient and confidential health tests to everybody, for every body. Using your personalized online profile, you can monitor every aspect of your well-being.

Simply order your test online. Self-collect your sample at home. Return your sample to our accredited laboratories in a pre-paid self-addressed envelope. Receive your results in 2-5 days. LetsGetChecked will support you, every step of the way. In the event that your results are positive or outside a normal range, a fully certified doctor or nurse from the LetsGetChecked medical team will guide you through a personalized treatment program.

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Written by Hannah Kingston | Approved by Medical Director Dominic Rowley