This week, LetsGetChecked discuss bloating, and other symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Did you know that if ovarian cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, there is a 94% chance of surviving for at least 5 more years? If you are experience bloating and other signs of ovarian cancer, it's time to get checked.


Statistics Regarding Ovarian Cancer

In a recent survey conducted in the UK by Target Ovarian Cancer, only 34% of women say they would contact a doctor about regular bloating.

On the other hand, 50% of those surveyed said that they would make changes to their diet in order to relieve constant bloating. Doing so rather than flagging the symptom to their doctor, can potentially delay the diagnosis of possible ovarian cancer. So what are some of the signs of ovarian cancer?

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Common ovarian cancer symptoms can include:

  • Consistent bloating
  • Swollen tummy
  • Discomfort in your tummy or pelvic area
  • Loss of appetite, or feeling full
  • More frequent urination

Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

  • Indigestion or nausea
  • Pain during sex
  • Bowel habit changes
  • Back pain
  • Vaginal bleeding (particularly after menopause)
  • Constant tiredness
  • Weight loss

Are You Concerned About Ovarian Cancer?

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Written by Hannah Kingston | Approved by Medical Director Dominic Rowley