At-home healthcare for your patients

Integrate LetsGetChecked's at-home healthcare provider solutions into your care program to increase interaction with hard-to-reach patients.

Healthcare Provider Solutions from LetsGetChecked

Ensure quality with our wholly-owned experience

High-complexity lab for health screening solutions

High-complexity lab

CLIA certified and CAP-accredited lab uses tests that mirror the accuracy of those carried out in a doctor's office.

Manufacturing & supply chain infrastructure

Manufacturing & Dispatch

Our manufacturing facility ensures timeliness, quality, and minimal disturbances to the supply chain.

Technology services

Technology Services

Our technology ensures minimal lift for providers looking to incorporate at-home diagnostics into their offering.

Member support for patients

Member Support

Our dedicated in-house care team provides guidance and support to patients every step of the way.

A wide variety of over thirty at-home tests

A wide variety of over thirty at home health test kits including cancer screenings, wellness tests, fertility tests, hormone tests and more.

Cancer Screenings

Help patients proactively identify high-cost diseases from the comfort of their own homes.

Wellness Tests

Identify indicators of potential health issues with tests including diabetes, cholesterol, and more.

Men's & Women's Health

From hormonal health and fertility insights to sexual health, provide patients with answers from home.

A seamless connection to LetsGetChecked services through APIs

A seamless connection to LetsGetChecked services

API services allow providers to easily order tests and receive results in their patient management system to make informed care decisions for patients.

  • Order tests to patients home

  • Receive notifications to track test location

  • Review test and questionnaire results

A cohesive program for a positive patient experience

Tailored communications and test kits ensure a cohesive patient experience that aligns with your brand.

A cohesive healthcare program for a positive member experience.
Unparalleled administrative support

Unparalleled administrative support

Providing the tools needed to create an easy administrative experience

  • Real-time health insights

  • Dedicated account team

  • Technical implementation support

Let's talk strategy

Join other leading providers in offering healthcare at home.

Our team of experts

We understand that every situation is unique and we have a team of experts to help map out the right protocol for your patients.

Robert Mordkin: Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Robert Mordkin

Chief Medical Officer

Gwen Murphy: Executive Director of Epidemiology and Clinical Trial Studies
Gwen Murphy

Executive Director of Epidemiology & Clinical Trial Studies

Jennifer Patykiewicz