Enabling public agencies to provide healthcare solutions at scale.

Helping the public sector increase access to care with a solution that meets communities, students, and employees where they are.

Helping the government, schools, unions, and public health departments provide better access to preventive care to their audience.Helping the government, schools, unions, and public health departments provide better access to preventive care to their audience.

A fully-integrated solution for the public sector

Our customizable infrastructure helps you get care into the hands of those that need it.

High-complexity lab for health screening solutionsHigh-complexity lab for health screening solutions

High-complexity lab

CLIA certified and CAP-accredited lab uses tests that mirror the accuracy of those carried out in a doctor's office.

Manufacturing & supply chain infrastructure Manufacturing & supply chain infrastructure

Manufacturing & Dispatch

Our end-to-end control ensures timeliness, quality, and minimal disturbances to the supply chain.

Technology servicesTechnology services

Technology Services

Our technology ensures minimal lift for clinics looking to incorporate diagnostics into their offering.

Member support for patientsMember support for patients

Member Support

Our dedicated care team provides guidance and support to people every step of the way.

We enable increased access to diagnostics and care

Over 30 different tests and treatment options to integrate into your care offering.

Sexual health tests and treatmentSexual health tests and treatment

Sexual health tests & treatment options

With 1 in 5 people having STI's, creating broader access to care is crucial to minimize the spread of infectious diseases throughout communities and universities.

  • Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, Syphilis tests, and more

  • Discreet treatment options available through a consultation

  • Patient portal with results and on-demand access to nurses

Proactive cancer screeningsProactive cancer screenings

Proactive Cancer Screenings

Make it easy for the 10 million people that are behind on screenings for high-cost diseases to get tested.

  • Colon Cancer Screenings

Health and wellness solutionsHealth and wellness solutions

Health and Wellness Solutions

Identify indicators of potential health issues and provide easy access to people needing to manage conditions.

  • Diabetes, Cholesterol, Kidney Tests and more

  • Consultations and medication delivered to the home

  • Patient portal with risk scores and activity tracking

Unmatched administrative support

Providing the tools needed to create an easy administrative experience

Real time results portal for clinics, public health departments, and moreReal time results portal for clinics, public health departments, and more
Population health managementPopulation health management

Population health management

Real-time data provides vital insights into your population's health to aid in decision-making.

Communication engine to drive utilization

Communication engine

Multi-channel strategy tailored to your brand and designed to drive utilization across your member base.

Dedicated account 

Dedicated account team

From day one, the client success team partners with you to ensure the success and growth of your program.

Let's talk strategy

Join other government entities in offering healthcare at home.

Our team of experts

We understand that every situation is unique and we have a team of experts to help map out the right protocol for your population and its particular needs.

Robert Mordkin: Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Robert Mordkin

Chief Medical Officer

Gwen Murphy: Executive Director of Epidemiology and Clinical Trial Studies
Gwen Murphy

Executive Director of Epidemiology & Clinical Trial Studies

Dr. Jennifer Patykiewicz: Pharmacist at LetsGetCheckedDr. Jennifer Patykiewicz: Pharmacist at LetsGetChecked
Jennifer Patykiewicz