Erectile dysfunction: a lot of men experience it but not a lot of men talk about it. In fact, did you know that around 30 million men in the United States are affected by ED? [1] That’s right - the inability to keep or get an erection firm enough for intercourse is something that’s experienced by millions of men across the US and the globe, but it’s still not a topic that’s openly discussed or for most people outside of the medical sector, understood.

That’s why if you’re regularly experiencing erection problems, it’s only natural to take to Dr. Google to get the answers to the questions racing through your head: “Is my sex life doomed?”, “Am I too young to have ED?”. And while you’re bound to find answers, truth be told - not a lot of them are accurate. These are the most common myths about erectile dysfunction that you shouldn’t believe.

Myth 1: “You can’t have ED, you’re only young”

When you think of erectile dysfunction, many people might picture an older man but the truth is, erectile dysfunction can affect men of pretty much any age. So while the risk of developing ED does increase with age, it is not unheard of for younger men to experience impotence; one study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that ED affects nearly 26 percent of adult men under 40 years old [2].

Myth 2: “Medication isn’t a safe option”

The most common medications used to treat erectile dysfunction such as Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis) are all FDA approved and understood by healthcare professionals to be both safe and effective. Of course, every case is individual so depending on the underlying cause and the severity of your ED, you might find that there are a number of different treatment options for you to consider.

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Myth 3: “It’s all in your head!”

Yes, your brain plays a pretty important role in your sex life and there are a number of psychological factors that might be causing erectile dysfunction such as mental health conditions, stress, or relationship issues. However, there are also a number of psychical causes that might be at play such as high blood pressure, diabetes, low testosterone, or unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Read more about the most common causes of ED here.

Myth 4: “It’s just a natural part of aging”

As we mentioned above, erectile dysfunction is seen more often in older men but this doesn’t mean that it’s inevitable! There are so many lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your chances of experiencing persistent erection issues (even as you age), these include managing any health conditions, keeping alcohol to a minimum, not smoking, regularly exercising, and reducing stress levels.

Myth 5: “Your doctor won’t take you seriously!”

A survey published by Cleveland Clinic found that one of the most common reasons men in the U.S. avoid going to the doctor is due to discomfort with discussing certain issues [3]. Remember, any health concern you have that is affecting you physically or mentally should be addressed and since erectile dysfunction can sometimes be a sign of an underlying condition - it’s important to speak with a professional that you trust.

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