Written by: Paulo Sousa, VP of Data Science at LetsGetChecked

At LetsGetChecked, we leverage a whole host of insights, data, and information to ensure that we are able to seamlessly enable diagnostic testing, virtual care, and personalized treatment plans from the comfort of home. That is why we utilize the most progressive business intelligence software and big data analytics platforms to help us explore, analyze and obtain engaging insights based on data.

These powerful platforms allow for decisions that benefit nearly every team across the company, in addition to every individual that we provide our home healthcare solutions to. Let’s dive into everything there is to know about how we utilize these softwares at LetsGetChecked for data science insights that make an impact.

Making the most of big analytics platforms at LetsGetChecked

The Data Science & BI teams at LetsGetChecked released the first interactive dashboard in January 2022. Since then, 40+ dashboards with a total of 500+ visuals have been created and continuously improved in close cooperation with a variety of teams across the organization - while the operations team utilizes specific data analytics platforms for near real-time control of kit manufacturing and shipping, the commercial team uses it to monitor programs to ensure we are providing top-quality care to our patients.

The success of using these dashboards internally led LetsGetChecked to adopt this same approach and the same platform for customer-facing dashboards. During Q2 of this year, a minimum viable product (MVP) was created in the context of a new product called Insights Centre, and during Q3, LetsGetChecked will be releasing Insights Centre powered by our main business intelligence software and analytics platform to all its customers.

Currently, we utilize our main analytics platform - Looker, for both business and healthcare insights - here’s a quick look into both.

Business Insights

In 2022, LetsGetChecked launched a new Virtual Consultation service through our clinical messaging platform in our app. With this service, customers can initiate a private conversation with our team of healthcare experts either before or after taking a test. The service can also be used to discuss general health queries, prescribe diagnostic testing, and develop a treatment plan suited to the customer's needs.

To ensure the best patient experience, the Data Science team created two dashboards with over 30 visuals to track the performance of the consultation - through patients served, areas covered and the average time patients spent in queue.

With the data from these dashboards, we have been able to take multiple steps towards improving this new service so that we can continue to provide the best possible patient experience - this includes expanding to serve more people and more areas.

This year, we also launched our Instant Test Recommender, a quick and simple digital tool to help customers choose the test that is right for them based on their individual needs. From the moment the recommender was launched, Looker was used to surface insights on the engine’s performance and usage. After a few months of the recommender being live, we were able to use these insights to make optimizations to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are now in the process of implementing a second version of the Instant Test Recommendation service taking into account findings we obtained from specific analytics insights.

Healthcare insights

LetsGetChecked is in the process of launching a new Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Test in the coming months. PGx is the study of how a person's genes may affect their response to certain medications. The test will look for and identify specific variants in their genes that can identify whether a medication will be effective or if it will potentially cause unwanted side effects.

Utilizing our primary analytics platform, the Data Science Team at LetsGetChecked has been able to create a pipeline that obtains reference data from external sources. The team will be able to process this data and surface ‘variants insights’ through our platform - this allows our clinician team to quickly identify relevant variants and provide better care.

The future of utilizing powerful data to improve our healthcare solutions

LetsGetChecked is committed to implementing a data-driven analytical strategy that can be used to leverage different areas across the company that impact everyone from our internal stakeholders to our customers, partners, and our services as a whole.

As we continue to put powerful data and insights to use and further improve and grow our home healthcare solutions, our priority will always be to create a healthcare solution for all - utilizing all that our business intelligence software and big data analytics platforms have to offer plays a key role in that.