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Genomic solutions & clinical action

The insights that personalize care

Moving from reactive to predictive, our genomic sequencing solutions utilize the power of genomics to help inform clinical decisions in an easy and approachable way.

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Genomic solutions & clinical actionGenomic solutions & clinical action

Why you should take action

7.7% of people have taken a health-risk genetic test

of people have taken a health-risk genetic test¹

$30B spend on adverse drug reactions annually

spend on adverse drug reactions annually²

1.3M emergency department visits each year due to adverse drug events

emergency department visits each year due to adverse drug events³

$29.8B cost of medical services for breast cancer in 2020

cost of medical services for breast cancer in 2020⁴

Our genetic testing solutions

Carrier Screening

This test determines the carrier status for over 500 inherited diseases and rare conditions for prospective or currently pregnant parents

Inherited Disease Screening

This panel identifies genes that may increase the risk for certain cancers and cardiac conditions

Newborn Screening

Our test screens newborns for early childhood single gene diseases, for which medical preventive, surveillance, or treatment interventions are possible

Hereditary Cardiovascular Disease

Our hereditary cardiovascular disease test provides insight into risk for over 25 cardiovascular diseases or syndromes linked to heart disease

Hereditary Cancer

Our diverse hereditary cancer offerings include targeted or broad panels with insights into certain cancers


This broad pharmacogenomics (PGx) solution analyzes an individual's DNA to identify variants that may affect their response to certain drugs

Custom Exome Slice Panel

Choose from a few hundred genes to create a custom panel for your unique clinical utility

Whole Genome Sequencing

This whole genome sequencing (WGS) test provides insights around health, carrier status for certain conditions, lifestyle traits, and ancestry

Who is this solution for?

Health plans

Health plans

Harness the power of this member-centric solution to facilitate better healthcare for members



Offer competitive benefits to empower your workforce with health insights they can use for years to come

Public Sector

Public Sector

Transform your constituents healthcare experiences by empowering them with personalized care

Health Systems

Health Systems

Leverage key insights to guide your patient care by integrating our solutions into your existing EMR

What sets us apart?

State-of-the-art owned labsState-of-the-art owned labs

State-of-the-art owned labs

With CLIA Certification and CAP accreditation, the LetsGetChecked labs operate with gold-standard quality practices on a global level. Ownership of our own Laboratory infrastructure fuels the freedom to design panels that are optimized for specific population needs.

Making genomics approachableMaking genomics approachable

Making genomics approachable

Genetic data can be overwhelming, but our roots lie in an unbeatable patient-centric experience that focuses on education and engagement, driving results by empowering patients and providers.

  • Targeted engagement strategies

  • Expert-led online education hub

  • All-in-one secure patient portal

Configurable designConfigurable design

Configurable program design to achieve your goals

Our technology makes it easy to integrate our solution into your existing program infrastructure.

  • Real-time reporting portal

  • Powerful data visualizations

  • API technology

End-to-end care servicesEnd-to-end care services

End-to-end care services to drive action

We have designed a solution to help patients and providers understand the next best steps to take post-result.

  • Counselling services from genetic experts

  • Regular screening plans for those who need closer monitoring

  • Clinical decision support

  • Pharmacy services to put pharmacogenomic insights into action

Avni Santani - CMO Veritas

Dr. Avni Santani

Chief Genomics Officer

Dr. Rob Mordkin - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Robert Mordkin, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kate Karfilis - Director of Product - Genomics

Dr. Kate Karfilis

Director of Product - Genomics

Michael Rummel - COO LGC Labs

Michael Rummel

Chief Laboratory Officer

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Genetic variations influence how we react to medications, which can lead to reduced efficacy and adverse side effects. This broad at-home PGx solution identifies potential drug-gene interactions for 100+ drugs across three major disease categories, representing 1 billion prescriptions, annually.

  • Behavioral health, pain, and cardiovascular drugs

  • Patient-friendly test and experience

  • Clinical decision support

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How does MyGeneticScreen work?How does MyGeneticScreen work?


Our proactive screening test determines genetic risk for the most common hereditary conditions, enabling patients and their families to take preventative measures and facilitate early detection.

  • Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome, Lynch Syndrome, and Familial Hypercholesterolemia

  • Pre- and post-genetic counseling

  • Family member testing

  • Follow-up screening services for cholesterol

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A simple patient experience

At-home sample collection
At-home sample collection

Simple saliva sample kits sent to the home and returned to our lab

Education Hub
Genetics education hub

Empower & inform with our expert-led information hub

Report delivery
Result report delivery

Online through their secure dashboard for easy access

Counselling Services
Counselling services

Access to experts to better understand results

Clinical support
Clinical decision support

Guidance for HCPs from genetic experts 

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