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Infectious Disease Screening & Treatment Programs

Improve outcomes and curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases with our end-to-end solutions, designed to discreetly screen and treat your population for the most commonly transmitted infections.

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Bottle, kit box, iphone with resultsBottle, kit box, iphone with results

Why you should take action

Over 1 million

STDs are acquired every day¹


Rise in new syphilis infections reported in 2021²

16 Billion

Direct lifetime costs of new STI diagnoses from 2018³

Who is this solution for?

Health plans

Health plans

Harness the power of this member-centric solution to improve compliance and reduce long-term costs.



Offer competitive benefits to empower your workforce through actionable insights and convenient treatment.

Public Sector

Public sector

Deliver solutions to citizens across urban and rural areas, to help minimize the spread of disease.

Health Systems


Integrate our accessible solutions into your existing EMR, so you can reach your patients where they are.

Design your solution

Get in touch with us so we can work together to build a solution for your needs

How does this solution work?

Our accessible healthcare solutions are customized to meet your specific goals, and each step of the process can be adapted to best suit your patient population.

The engagmentThe engagment

Multi-channel engagement

We offer custom-built announcement and engagement strategies to maximize compliance, from fully digital packages to device-free communication solutions, to easily plug into your existing framework.


Meeting your people where they are

We build solutions that adapt to the lifestyles of your people to drive compliance and engagement. We enable clients to provide health testing with at-home sample collection, or we ship sample kits to clients to connect with their people in the field, and conveniently return kits to our lab.

The sampleThe sample

Easy sample collection

Your people will feel empowered with our easy-to-use sample collection kits, no matter what their experience or digital fluency is. We offer both printed and video instructions depending on their needs.

The resultThe result

Online results

Our wholly owned solution ensures a streamlined delivery of lab results directly, including detailed breakdowns from the clinical team to help your people feel in control. We offer secure result delivery:

  • Online, through their secure dashboard

  • In print, through a discreet letter delivered to the home

The treatmentThe treatment

Treatment when needed

It doesn’t stop at testing. Our infectious disease screening solutions offer discreet treatment options through our owned pharmacy, where we can provide digital prescriptions or medication delivered directly to the home.

Design your solution

Get in touch with us so we can work together to build a solution for your needs

Developed by a team of 30+ clinical experts

We work with trusted experts to build experiences, so your population can get the answers they need.

Dr. Rob Mordkin - Chief Medical Officer

Rob Mordkin, Dr.

Chief Medical Officer

Michael Rummel - COO LGC Labs

Michael Rummel

Chief Laboratory Officer

Jennifer Patykiewicz

Jennifer Reichert, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

Providing care your people can rely on



Easy-to-use home sample collection enables a discreet experience that meets the needs of your people when they need it most.



Our owned pharmacy means that your people can access the follow-up treatment they need, delivered to the home.



A dedicated team of board-certified healthcare providers can provide medical support to your people virtually.

What sets us apart?

Our platform harnesses the power of technology, science, and medicine to offer elevated healthcare models built to achieve your goals.

Fully owned infrastructureFully owned infrastructure

Fully owned infrastructure

We've built an end-to-end structure, offering an unmatched ability to scale and configure. From working with an expert clinical team to our owned pharmacy and lab, we harness the power of technology to remove barriers and close care gaps.

360-degree program control360-degree program control

360-degree program control

Have full transparency and real-time control of your program with our advanced analytics platform.

  • Order tests and view results

  • Real-time engagement updates

  • Powerful data visualizations

  • HCP results portal

API technologyAPI technology

API technology

Our API technology strives to marry systems seamlessly, allowing partners to leverage and merge our secure & compliant services including manufacturing, ordering, result delivery, and patient communications.

Design your solution

Get in touch with us so we can work together to build a solution for your needs

Case StudyCase Study

Proven success, undeniable benefits

See how we helped one client reduce health disparities, identify disease risks earlier, and drive demonstrable ROI.

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