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Woman chatting with healthcare provider about weight managementWoman chatting with healthcare provider about weight management

Manage your weight with the help of an expert

There’s no one-size-fits-all for weight management. With virtual consultations, you can access personalized health assessments and treatment plans that are right for you. Chat with a healthcare provider who can support you in reaching your weight goals today.

Man talking to clinician via secure messagingMan talking to clinician via secure messaging

What can you expect?

For just $49, you'll get...

  • A consultation with a board-certified clinician.

  • A PDF report with a simple breakdown of your visit.

  • Access to follow-up questions for up to 72 hours.

  • Clinical support and guidance.

  • A prescription for weight loss medication if eligible. What medications are available?

The cost of medication is not included in your virtual consultation.

A weight management solution that works

At just $49 per virtual visit, it's time to try a solution that works for the future, not just the present.

Short health assessment

Recommended diet and lifestyle changes

Get the help you need

Prescription options for relevant treatment

Medical review

Medical support from board-certified clinicians

Clinical report

Recommended testing options as needed

Woman holding a tape measureWoman holding a tape measure

Lose up to 15% of your body weight with medication like Wegovy*

Effective treatment shouldn't be a hassle to access. Our providers can send the appropriate medication to a pharmacy of your choice and offer customized guidance based on your goals, for an effective plan that works for you.

Prescribing guidelines vary depending on your location and your specific situation. Our healthcare providers will not complete prior authorizations for weight loss medications.
*Source: Wilding, John P. H., et al. “Once-Weekly Semaglutide in Adults with Overweight or Obesity.” The New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 384, no. 11, Feb. 2021,

How it works

Health assessment

1. Complete a health assessment

To get started, complete a health assessment and download the LetsGetChecked app.

Connect with a provider

2. Connect with a provider

To start your consultation, a provider will message you in ~1-3 business days and may recommend a health test.


3. Get the right medication

If needed, your provider will send prescription medication to your local retail pharmacy.

Lose weight on your terms

4. Lose weight on your terms

After your virtual consultation, we will provide you with an assessment & treatment summary.

Start your weight management journey with a virtual consultation today

Get started — $49

About LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked is a global healthcare solutions company that gives you the tools to manage your health from home, with direct access to health testing, virtual care, and pharmacy support for a wide range of health conditions.

Developed & supported by 30+ experts

We work with trusted experts to build experiences, so you can get the answers you need. It’s that easy.

Dr. Rob Mordkin

Dr. Robert Mordkin

Chief Medical Officer

Kristin O'Connor

Kristin O'Connor

Nurse Manager

Jennifer Patykiewicz

Jennifer Reichert

Clinical Pharmacist

Rick Aguayo

Rick Aguayo

Nurse Practitioner

Amal Hamdan - Lead Nurse
Amal Hamdan

Lead Nurse

Still have questions?

Here are some questions we usually get about LetsGetChecked. If you would like yours answered, please contact us.

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