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Increase access to patients and datasets

Leverage LetsGetChecked's vertically stacked infrastructure and wide-reaching home sample collection kits to support drug development, awareness, and acquisition.

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Increase access to patients and datasetsIncrease access to patients and datasets

Delivering at-home healthcare solutions to 1000+ organizations

Optum Ventures
Morgan Health

“...Significant challenges exist in healthcare systems around the world, with aging populations and limited resources…Our collaboration with LetsGetChecked is one example of how we can use technology to raise awareness and potentially prevent future cardiac events.”

Caitriona Walsh, Novartis Ireland Country President

400k test kits per month

Home sample collection kits sent per month

Sample handling capacity per day

Sample handling capacity per day

120 Supply chain employees

Supply chain employees

90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility

Manufacturing Facility 

Design your solution

Get in touch with us to design a program that fits your needs

Digital solutions supported by best-in-class vertically integrated infrastructure.

Enhancing patient experiencesEnhancing patient experiences

Enhancing patient experiences

Technologically advanced at-home solutions connect with patients seamlessly to boost engagement and test adherence. 

Championing world-class healthcare standardsChampioning world-class healthcare standards

Championing world-class healthcare standards

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and laboratory facilities process a full menu of tests with an experienced R&D team focused on novel medical devices and test development to support the unique needs of our patients and partners.

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Streamlining data connectivityStreamlining data connectivity

Streamlining data connectivity

Internally developed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to manage subjects throughout their healthcare journey with API capabilities to integrate with partner information management systems for simplified data management.

Connecting patients to after-careConnecting patients to after-care

Connecting patients to after-care

Results data enables tailored clinical outreach and education that helps drive next steps for patients to understand where and how to improve their health, providing partners the ability to understand and engage with their total addressable market. 

Life sciences e-bookLife sciences e-book

Transform pharmaceutical healthcare delivery

Explore the benefits of leveraging at-home healthcare solutions and how to choose the right partner to deliver safe and reliable solutions that engage easily and improve patient experiences.

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One platform. Multiple solutions.

Over 100 biomarkers available to create custom solutions that meet your organization's needs, or partner with our R&D team to validate a solution to fit your need.

Biometrics Screening

Comprehensive biometric health screenings that enable early detection of disease risk

Gaps in Care

Help members manage conditions and improve compliance with health screenings to meet HEDIS measures

Mens Health

Screening solutions for common hormonal imbalances and health risks that affect men

Cancer Screening

Help members identify blood in the stool early with a non-invasive FIT testing solution


Help inform clinical decisions in an easy and approachable way with genomic sequencing solutions

Womens Health

Empower your population with hormone insights for family planning and overall wellbeing

Meet our founder

"The mission is simple. To help people live longer, happier lives"

Peter Foley
CEO, LetsGetChecked

360-degree program control

Have full transparency and real-time control of your program with our advanced analytics platform.

Order tests

Order tests and view results

Real time engagement updates

Real-time engagement updates

Powerful data visualisations

Powerful data visualizations

API Capabilities

API capabilities

Design your solution

Get in touch with us to design a program that fits your needs

Developed by a team of 30+ clinical experts

We work with trusted experts to build experiences, so your population can get the answers they need.

Dr. Rob Mordkin - Chief Medical Officer

Rob Mordkin, Dr.

Chief Medical Officer

Michael Rummel - COO LGC Labs

Michael Rummel

Chief Laboratory Officer

Jennifer Patykiewicz

Jennifer Reichert, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist

Avni Santani - CMO Veritas

Dr. Avni Santani

Chief Genomics Officer

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